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My Journey in Radio and Beyond

My Journey in Radio and Beyond
My Journey in Radio and Beyond

May 22, 2024 11:33 AM CDT
By: cindyhuber

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My Journey in Radio and Beyond

I got into radio because I was the most unpopular kid in 6th grade.  (Technically the second most unpopular until the most unpopular kid moved, then I held the title).  Every night though, I would turn the radio on and here my favorite dj play my requests and basically be my (only) friend and that has been my goal throughout my radio life.  

I’ve only worked in the midwest as my goal was to only be a nine hour drive from my parents at all time (my mother had bad health for years).  I’ve never regretted it.  I held gigs in (my hometown of) Mason City, Iowa (love the storms), Springfield, Illinois (love the storms!), GREEN BAY (LOVE THE PACKERS), and Milwaukee’s 99 WMYX (Party Mix back in the 90’s and early 2000’s), WKTI (Reitman and Mueller rock!), B 93.3 (the radio station was haunted), Big Buck Country AND Joy 1340    I left radio to put the fun in funeral.  Um, and now

I am so excited to work for WRJN as I love all the people I’m going to work for AND the radio station is only one highway exit from a White Castle!!!

I have a blog called Does this blog make me look fat.

I am the proud mother of 6 children, and 5 grandkids, and my dear husband Bob.  Love you!

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