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Assembly to pass bills affecting professional licensure in Wisconsin

Source: Wisconsin Legislature

Assembly to pass bills affecting professional licensure in Wisconsin

All seven of the bills are supported by Republicans and opposed by Democrats.

June 7, 2023 11:50 AM CDT

By: Jimmie Kaska

MADISON, Wis. (WMDX) – The Wisconsin Assembly is set to pass a group of bills that affect professional licensing in Wisconsin.

The seven bills, 2023 Assembly Bill 200 through 2023 Assembly Bill 206, would implement a number of measures, such as doubling the length of licensure and exceptions for people that hold a similar license in another state.

A.B. 200 would require reports every other year from the Department of Safety and Professional Services on numbers such as the length of time it takes to credential an applicant, the total number of applications, and other figures broken down by type of profession. A.B. 201 would require the Department to publish certain numbers, such as the number of applications approved or denied and how long it took to make decisions on licensing. A.B. 206 would make it so the Department must post reviews of health and business credentials on its website.

A.B. 202 gives the Department additional ways to determine whether past convictions, arrests or offenses could lead to a denial of a professional license. A.B. 203 would double the licensing period for certain healthcare and business occupations. A.B. 204 clarifies some requirements for licensing as it applies to the proposals in A.B. 203.

A.B. 205 would create exceptions for license holders in other states to practice in Wisconsin, provided that they are in good standing, with a temporary license. It also does not require telehealth service providers to seek the temporary license.

Republicans supported all of the bills up for a vote Wednesday, with Democrats opposed. If passed, the bills would move on to the Republican-controlled state Senate.

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