Pies bring big slices of success to a small Wisconsin cafe

July 07, 2023 6:10 PM

Teri's "Slice of Wisconsin: featuring pies, ice cream, and the success it's bringing to a small town"

By: Teri Barr
LISTEN: Why a Small Main Street Cafe Considers Pies its Big Success Story

Our celebration of June Dairy Month may be over for 2023, but our love of dairy products, and the delicious dishes to match, remains high throughout the year. 

One example takes us to the Main Street Cafe in Bloomer, a few miles north of Chippewa Falls along Highway 53, in the northwestern part of Wisconsin. 

Bloomer is a small town with the most recent U.S. Census Bureau report showing about 3,000 people call the area home. 

But Donnie Stoik wants everyone to know, there are big things happening here. After all, the Main Street Cafe has been open to residents and visitors alike for more than 40 years. It’s also where the pies are bringing big slices of success to this small Wisconsin cafe. 

“Every year, on average, we are making and selling about 150,000 pies,” Donnie says. He owns the Main Street Cafe.  “150,000 pies, and in more than 65 varieties are made, sold, and enjoyed here!”

The number, counted as the entire pie not the pieces, is pretty amazing, I wanted to know why his pies are so popular.

“Most everything is made by hand here,” Donnie says. “And people simply love the taste, the flavor; plus, we use all real Wisconsin Dairy products.”

Real dairy products, including free ice cream on every slice of pie, and free refills of milk. It’s something Donnie is happy to brag about, too. 

“Oh, yeah, we like to toot our own horn,” Donnie says. “And the thing is, we include free ice cream on your pie, and free milk refills every single day. We don’t just do this during June Dairy Month, but 364 days of the year because we are closed one day in December.” 

Donnie and I couldn’t talk about pies without arguing about our favorite flavors. Remember, he offers more than 65 varieties! So, can you guess the most popular pie choice in Wisconsin?

Do you think it’s Apple? Cherry? Or Pumpkin pie?

According to a recent survey by the grocery delivery platform Instacart, Cherry pie is the Badger State’s favorite, while Apple is the most popular flavor across the U.S.

Those results are pretty similar in Bloomer. It’s where you’ll find the pies with free ice cream bringing big slices of success to this small Wisconsin cafe. It also makes Donnie king in the village, and why he deserves to toot his horn about it, every single day.

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