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The Best Tradition in College Sports may be Happening in Wisconsin; Plus, What Else You Need to Know This Week

August 11, 2023 3:23 PM

How you can help make sure the world knows about the best college sports tradition with your vote and more

By: Teri Barr

The best tradition in college sports may be happening in Wisconsin, and you can help make sure the world knows about it with your vote. Also, why the Governor is calling for a special session, and will you be impacted when a new area code rolls out next month?

Here’s a quick read of a few things you need to know this week:

Number 1. The best tradition in college sports may be happening in Wisconsin, and now you can help make sure the world knows about it!

Can you guess the in-between quarters of tradition and fun we’re talking about here? It’s Wisconsin’s Jump Around and it is one of 20 nominees up for the USA TODAY “10Best Series.”

As of right now — the song played for Badgers Football fans just before the start of the fourth quarter is in the number one spot, ahead of other traditions like the Army-Navy game, Alabama’s Rammer-Jammer cheer, and even Purdue’s big bass drum.

Want to keep this Wisconsin tradition on top? You can vote one a day until the polls close on Monday, August 21. Cast your ballot here! The 10 winning traditions, picked by you, will be revealed on Friday, September 1, just in time for the kick-off to the college football season.

Need to see Jump Around before you vote? I have some of my own video of it, but this one is really terrific. It may get you on your feet, too!

Number 2. The Governor is calling for a special session of the legislature. But will Republicans gavel in and out as they have during past special sessions?

Governor Tony Evers issued an executive order calling for a special legislative session to deal with budgets for child care services in the state as well as funding for other items he considers important to addressing workforce issues. However, many of the proposals in the special session announcement have already been cut by the Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee even before the biennial budget was signed earlier this year.

What could this all mean for you? Read this detailed story outlining why Evers says this is important for every resident in the state.

Number 3. A new area code is going into effect for some Wisconsin phone customers next month. Will it impact you?

The new 353 area code is going to be assigned to some Southern Wisconsin phone customers in September. But this is only impacting those who are requesting new phone service or an additional line. The 353 area code will cover parts of the 608 area code region, including Madison, Beloit, Janesville, Monroe, La Crosse, Platteville, and Wisconsin Dells. Learn why this is happening and if it will have any effect on other numbers, here.

Number 4. Watch for the Civic Media “Truth Booth” coming to your town!

It’s true! Civic Media now has a “Truth Booth,” and we are taking it on the road. The first outing just happened during the Wisconsin Valley Fair in Wausau. Our radio network marketing team asked fair-goers about everything from your favorite foods to the reasons you enjoy your hometown to the issues most concerning to you.

Listen to a few of the “truths” below. And watch for the “Truth Booth” in your town. The next planned stop is in the Green Bay area for the Brown County Fair, August 16-20.

LISTEN to some comments from the Civic Media Truth Booth

Wishing you a wonderful Wisconsin weekend!

Teri Barr


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