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Wausau candidates advancing to Spring Elections in April

Wausau candidates advancing to Spring Elections in April

February 20, 2024 9:22 PM CDT

By: Brittney Merlot

WAUSAU, Wis. (WXCO) – Wausau’s primary election results are in for Wausau Mayor, Wausau City Council District 4 and Marathon County Board District 15 results.

The Wausau Mayoral primary race results are in.

Incumbent Katherine Rosenberg received 52% of the votes and Alder Doug Diny took 42% of the votes. Both will advance to the April 2nd general election.

Resident Christopher Wood received 5% of the votes and has been knocked out of the race.

Wausau Mayor

  • Katie Rosenberg – 2274
  • Doug Diny – 1822
  • Christopher Wood – 223

Incumbent Mayor Katherine Rosenberg

Alder 4 Doug Diny

Voters in District 4 to replace Doug Diny on the Council are advancing Tom Neal and Debra Weiss.

After a record number of nine candidates were after Kronenwetter’s Village of Trustee. It has now been narrowed down to Aaron Myszka with 20% of the votes, Scott Dauel with 15%, Ryan Leff with 13%, Ken Charneski 10%, Cindy Lee Buchkowski-Hoffmann 11% and Sean Dumais at 8%.

The County Board Supervisor for District 15 advances incumbent Joel Straub received 28% of the votes and Randy Fifrick took 50%.

Meanwhile, the Marshfield School District School Board advances 6 out of 7 on the ballot, Nicole Forst took top with 21% of the votes and Charles Ether Norton was eliminated with 1%. This moves S.A.M. Steiner, Frances Bohon, Karen Ott, Steven Kizer and Richard Kranz to the ballot in six weeks.

Nearby mayoral primary elections:

Wisconsin Rapids Mayor

  • Matt Zacher – 835
  • Tom Terry Mews – 232
  • Preston M. Seitz – 118
  • Nicholas Palmquist – 120

Nekoosa Mayor

  • Daniel J. Carlson – 140
  • Alan K. Marcoux – 73
  • Robert A. Shear – 31

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