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Jacque & Wied attend 8th Congressional District candidate’s forum

Source: Civic Media/Lisa M. Hale

Jacque & Wied attend 8th Congressional District candidate’s forum

June 21, 2024 8:04 AM CDT

By: Lisa M. Hale

GREENLEAF, WI – (WGBW & WISS)- Republican candidates for the 8th Congressional District participated in a candidate’s forum in Greenleaf last night. The forum featured Republican candidates Wisconsin State Senator Andre’ Jacque and former convenience store owner Tony Wied. Former State Senator Roger Roth was not in attendance.

Each candidate answered various questions from the audience. 

Jacque touted his experience in government.

“Again, I’ve taken lumps for standing up. I’ve been in the minority of Republicans that get steamrolled with Democrat votes in Republican chambers,” said Jacque. “I’m the one that stood up against any number of Governor Tony Ever’s appointees.”

State Senator Andre Jacque, candidate for 8th Congressional District, speaks at a candidate’s forum in Greenleaf Thursday. Photo: Lisa Hale/Civic Media

Wied repeatedly mentioned that he is the Trump-endorsed candidate for the 8th Congressional District, emphasizing his status as a political outsider.

“I think there is a major problem with career politicians and career bureaucrats. They’re working together, and they are running our government,” said Wied. “They are, basically, imploding our government right now. They are allowing the woke-ism. They’re allowing the 3 trillion dollars in spending each year because they want to stay in office. They want to continue their jobs. And I don’t care. I will go there and make the hard decisions. And if that makes my career short, I’m fine with that.

Border control

Both candidates called for closing the borders to the USA deporting aliens in the country illegally.

“We have right now an existential threat to our public safety and security with, as I said before, drugs and thugs, fentanyl, human trafficking, streaming across the border,” said Jacque. “Not just from Mexico, but from every country!”

Wied said, “Anybody that wants to come into this country, has to do it legally. And we have to have the border closed.”

Candidates’ forum puts focus on conservative values

On the subject of the “Woke culture.” Jacque said conservatives need to stand up against it.

“It’s going to be really critical that we have personnel that stop the woke-ism,” Jacque said. “That includes things like the transgenderism being pushed forward, or the early sexuality instruction.”

Wied said that religion needs to be brought back into governing.

“The only way our republic works is if religion is a part of it…The founding fathers used the five basic tenants of Christianity. And that’s the only way that holds our constitution together,” Wied said. “We need to have religion back in our communities. And we need to be able to say it loud, ‘I’m Christian.’ And we need to have Christian values. I mean, you can be any religion, but we need to have a moral compass and get back to a Godly world.” 

Tony Wied, Trump-endorsed candidate for the 8th Congressional District, speaks at a candidate’s forum Thursday. Photo: Lisa Hale/Civic Media

Jacque, Wied, and Roth will appear on Republican ballots for the primary election on August 13th. The winner of which will face Democrat candidate, Dr. Kristin Lyerly in the general election on November 5th. 

The primary and general elections will have two separate elections for the 8th Congressional District. The first will finish the term vacated by Mike Gallagher in April. The second will be for the new term which begins in January 2025.

NEW Patriots, a conservative political organization, sponsored the candidate’s forum.

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