1-17-22 – The Paul Revere Hour w/ Mark Thomsen

You’re now part of the resistance.

Join Mark Thomsen, attorney and WI Elections Commissioner, in heeding the call!  Mondays at 7pm central time we will be discussing the perilous position Wisconsin finds itself in.  We’ll talk about whats at risk, meet the players on both sides, and tell YOU how you can do your part in fostering a free, fair and robust elections system in the state- and eventually, the nation.

Today we discuss the late Reverend King, and how his message has carried through, up to this very day- and stayed as relevant as it ever was.  My fellow Americans, lets do the good work-

Join the midnight riders each Monday at 7pm central time, and join the conversation by calling/texting us at 844-967-2789.

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Devil Radio
Devil Radio
1-17-22 - The Paul Revere Hour w/ Mark Thomsen